St. Ypomoni (Patience) the Righteous icon

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Orthodox icon of Saint Ypomoni (Patience) the Righteous.

Commemorated March 13th.

This Orthodox icon depicts Saint Ypomoni who was the mother of the last Emperor of Constantinople, Constantine XI Palaiologos. Her name was Helen Dragash and after she became wife of Manuel II Palaiologos she was "Helen in Christ Gog Augusta and Empress of the Romans, Palaiologos". She was the daughter of Constantine Dragash, one of the leaders of the Serbian kingdom of Stefan Dusan.

She came from royal and blessed generation, because many of her ancestors were Saints. As she grew up, she had the influence of the Byzantine culture. She became Empress at the age 19 and God blessed the couple with eight children. During her days, she helped many Monasteries to be build in Constantinople and she was the "Hope for the Hopeless". After the death of her husband, she became a nun (1425), in the Monastery of Lady Martha with the name Ypomoni (Patience).

Three from their children became monks too. God granted her to not live the last tragic moments of the Empire. He called her close to Him on March 13th of 1450, having lived 35 years as Empress and 25 years as a humble nun in her Monastery.