Wedding of Cana Icon (2)

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Contemporary Orthodox icon of the first miracle of Christ our God at the Wedding of Cana (2).

The story about Jesus' miraculous transformation of water into wine at a wedding feast is found in John 2:1-11. Towards the end of the wedding feast the wine was running out. Jesus commanded servants to fill jugs with water, which he then turned into wine. This is his first recorded miracle. This miracle provided evidence to the disciples that Jesus was who He proclaimed to be. This event shows the humbleness of Jesus.

The wedding at Cana was a group of poor village peasants. They were privileged to be the recipients of the first miracle of our Lord, which was performed to sustain the modest celebration of matrimony between two people. This affirms the value of the sacrament of marriage for Christians. It shows HIs human ness. In the middle of a wedding celebration in an insignificant village in Galilee is not a place where you would expect to find God. This is a popular gift for weddings as it reminds the couple of the significance of the sacred ritual that they just participated in.