Theotokos "Tenderness"Icon (SP) (1)

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Orthodox icon of Theotokos the "Tenderness", "Sweet Kiss" in Silver Plated (SP-1).

Silver-plated icons are made with the latest and very specific technique. The icon is a copy of a hand painted icon and the background is silver 958.

This icon miraculously came to Mount Athos where the original of this type is kept at theMonastery of Philotheou.In this icon Panagia is holding the Christ Child on her right arm, while with her other arm she presents him to the viewer, beseeching him to save mankind. The Christ Child is tenderly embracing his mother, resting his cheek on hers.

This type of in where the two faces are touching, cheek to cheek, is known as the Glykophilousa. It presents the The Theotokos in her capacity as mother while also symbolizing that as the mother of God. We know she is listened to by her Son and is an intercessor and protector for all mankind.