Theotokos of the "7 Swords" icon

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Orthodox icon of our Most Holy Theotokos of the "7, Seven Swords", "семистрельная". Contemporary icon.

The icon was glorified through several miraculous healings. The icon became known when a lame and suffering man heard a voice telling him to go to the church and pray before this icon. He did so and was healed. The icon of “Seven Swords” Mother of God was kept in Tozhensk-John the Theologian Seven Swords Church in the region of Vologda. 
The Seven Swords symbolize the Seven Sorrows of Mary: 1- The Prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2: 25-35). 2-The Flight into Egypt (Matthew 2: 13-15). 3-The Child Jesus Lost in the Temple (Luke 2: 41-50). 4-Mary meets Jesus carrying the cross (Luke 23: 27-29). 5-Mary at the foot of the cross (John 19: 25-30). 6-Mary receives the body of Jesus (Psalm 130). 7-Mary witnesses the burial of Jesus (Luke 23: 50-56). 
It is believed that one of the versions of Seven Swords is that the Mother of God protects you seven days of the week.