St. Stylianos of Paphlagonia icon (3)

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Orthodox icon of Saint Stylianos of Paphlagonia the Righteous (3)

Commemorated November 26.

Saint Stylianus was born in Paphlagonia of Asia Minor sometime between the fourth and sixth centuries. He inherited a great fortune from his parents when they died, but he gave it away to the poor according to their need, desiring to help those who were less fortunate. Stylianus left the city and went to a monastery, where he devoted his life to God. He left the monastery to live alone in a cave in the wilderness, where he spent his time in prayer and fasting.

The goodness and piety of saint Stylianos soon became known to the inhabitants of Paphlagonia, and they sought him out to hear his teaching, or to be cured by him. Many were healed. St Stylianus was known for his love of children, and he would heal them of their infirmities. Even after his death, the citizens of Paphlagonia believed that he could cure their children. Whenever a child became sick, an icon of St Stylianus was painted and was hung over the child's bed.

At the hour of his death, the face of St Stylianus suddenly became radiant, and an angel appeared to receive his soul. When a death-bearing sickness comes to an infant and dies, and the parents are left childless, then, whatsoever mother calls upon Saint Stylianos with faith, and paints his holy icon, will give birth to other children. Also the sick infants are released from their sickness.*