St. Stamatios the new Martyr of Chios icon

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Orthodox icon of Saint Stamatios the new Martyr of Chios.

Commemorated February 3.  

Saint Stamatios iived during the Greek revolution of 1821 and worked as an importer along with his brothers John and Nicolas. They were betrayed by a fellow Christian when their boat was stranded on Asia Minor. He , seized and led to the pasha of Chios. He, after questioning them, ordered the two younger brothers, Stamatios (18) and John (22), to be put in prison. T

hey tried to convert Nicholas to islam to save his life. He refused and they beheaded him. They tried to covert the two younger brothers using many different methods for a week, sometimes with promises and sometimes with threats. The pasha, having thought for a while, told them, these heathen are stubborn, it's easier to cut off their heads that defiance.u Before their martyrdom; they received Holy Communion from the Bishop of Chios, who sent it with a pious woman.

On the day of his martyrdom, the saints confessed Christ, crying out: We were born Christians and we will die Christians. We will never deny Christ, even if you cut us into pieces. At that moment they were beheaded Feb.3.