St. Mary of Clopas icon

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Orthodox contemporary icon of Saint Mary of Clopas- Cleopas, the Myrrh-bearer.

Commemorated April 23.

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St. Mary was one of the “three Marys” who followed our Lord, stood at the foot of the Cross when he died, and were the first to hear the good news of His Resurrection at the side of His tomb. She was the wife of St. Cleophas, and mother of St. Simon, St. James the Less, St. Jude, and St. Salome (the mother of St. James and St. John).

In 47, St. Mary, along with others, was placed on a boat without sails or oars and pushed out into the open sea. The boat miraculously landed in France, and a church was established there known as “Holy Mary of the Sea.”

She also traveled to Spain as a missionary, and died at Ciudad Rodrigo.