St. Salome the Myrrhbearer icon

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Orthodox icon of Saint. Salome the Myrrh bearer.

Commemorated August 3.

This is the Orthodox icon of Saint Salome who was the daughter of St. Joseph the Betrothed and his first wife (who was also named Salome). THe Theotokos would have been her stepmother. She married Zebedee who was a fisherman and became mother of the disciples James and John. She was probably a widow at the time of the Crucifixion of Christ as Zebedee is no longer mentioned.

She is the one who asked Jesus, "Command that these two sons of mine might sit, one on thy right hand and one on thy left, in thy kingdom" (Mt 20:20,21). She was also one of the witnesses of the Crucifixion (Mt 27:55,56). She also was one of the myrrh bearers who helped put Christ into the tomb and went to the tomb later to anoint Christ and witnessed His Resurrection.  

When she came with the other women they found the stone of the tomb rolled away. and when they entered they saw a young man sitting on the right clothed in a white robe. They saw Christ was missing and the angel told them that He was raised was not there and to go tell the disciples and Peter that He went before them to Galilee. (Mk 16:1-8) She is celebrated as one who first brought tidings of the Resurrection to the world, especially on the Sunday of Myrrh-bearing Women.