St. Nicholas icon (9)

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Orthodox Icon St Nicholas the Wonderworker and Archbishop of Myra in Lycia (9). This icon is known as "O Streidas" (of the Oyster).

Commemorated December 6.

This is a copy of an Orthodox icon at the Monastery of Sravronikita, Mount Athos. Very likely, the icon was thrown into the sea in 1306 by the Catalan pirates after the raid that happened. In 1859 when the fishermen of the monastery pulled up the nets found in them the miraculous icon of St. Nicholas.

The icon remained on the bottom for 283 years unscathed. In the forehead of the saint was stuck an oyster (length 8 cm). When tried to loosen the oyster something shocking happened. Blood ran from the wound from the opened oyster on the icon of Saint Nickolas.

This miracle is called, Agios Nikolaos "Stridas" "oysters". On hearing of this miracle, Patriarch Jeremiah the Elder rededicated the monastery of St John the Baptist to Nicholas, giving it the nameu00a0Stavronikita. The monastery remains today, along with the miraculous icon: crack and dried blood still clearly visible.This miracle happened in 1553 AD.