Jesus Christ our Lord Icon (1) (SSC)

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Orthodox icon of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior (SSC).

A very beautiful Byzantine icon of Jesus Christ made with the specific technique of silkscreen on real gold foil. This Icon of Jesus Christ is typical of those found in Orthodox churches and homes, and is called Pantokrator (meaning Almighty). Here he is shown giving a blessing and holding a book adorned with the cross, identifying it as the Gospels. The halo around his head is a symbol of the divine light or holiness.

Christ has a unique form in that it also has the Cross inscribed within it. You will note that only three arms of the cross are visible symbolizing the Holy Trinity. About Christ's Head are the letters IC and XC, a commonly used four letter abbreviation of the Greek for Jesus (IHCOYC) Christ (XPICTOC). He is shown wearing a red robe, symbolizing His divinity, covered in a green cloak, symbolizing His Humanity. You will note that they are distinct signifying they are not intermixed.

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