St. Jason icon

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Orthodox icon of Saint Jason the Apostle.

Commemorated April 29th.

Apostle Jason was from Tarsus (Asia Minor) and he became disciple of Saint Paul. He was the first Bishop of his native city of Tarsus. He with St Sosipater they traveled to Greece to preache and in 63 AD they arrived in the island of Corfu in Greece. They build a Church there and they baptized many people. When the governor of the island learned about them, he put them in prison.In the prison, they converted 7 very famous thieves of that time.

The names of the thieves was Saturninus, Iankinthus, Faustianus, Januarius, Marselinus, Euphrasius and Mammius. All of them they confess Christ and died as martyrs. The governor ordered the Apostles Jason and Sosipater to be whipped and after the torcture to put them back in prison. When the daughter of the governor, Kerkyra, learned about the tortures of the Apostles and how they confess Christ, she declared hershelf christian.

Her father tried to make her to deny the name of Christ but she stood firm to her faith and finally she became martyr by her own father.After the torture and the death of his daughter, the governor believed in Christ and he was baptized. After that, Apostle Jason was set free and he died in Corfu many years after.