St. Cyriacus, the Hermit of Palestine icon

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Orthodox icon of Saint Cyriacus, (Kyriakus, Kyriakos,  the Hermit of Palestine.

Commemorated September 29.

Saint Curiacus was born in Corinth in 448. He went to Palestine to the Lavra of Euthymius the Great, but because of his youth was sent by Saint Euthymius to Saint Gerasimus; after the death of Saint Gerasimus he returned to the Lavra of Saint Euthymius. Later he took on a more rigorous life of asceticism in the wilderness of Natoufa, where there was nothing to eat except the exceedingly bitter wild herb called squills, which, however, through his prayers, God made sweet for him and his disciple. He lived 107 years and reposed in the year 555.