Charcoal for incense

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Real harcoal for your censer from Greece, each charcoal has the size of a quarter. The foil package contains 8 charcoals.

NOTICE: To maintain your charcoal always fresh, keep them away from moisture by having them in a glass container that closes well. When they do not light, means that they had been in moisture and they are wet.



How to light the charcoal for the incense:

1. Hold the charcoal with a  charcoal tong  and light the bottom side of it ( is the total level side).

2. When it will start to make sparks, place it into the censer.

3. Let it burn until the charcoal will become red and then place your incense on top of the charcoal.

4. When you are using the censer, let the lid open and close it when you'll finish.