St. Catherine icon (SP)

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Orthodox Icon of The Great Martyr Saint Catherine of Alexandria. Silver-plated icon of Saint Catherine on a special paper, with decoration.Silver-plated icons are made with the latest and very specific technique. The icon is a copy of a hand painted icon and the background is silver 958.

Commemorated November 25. 

NOTICE: The colors of the icons seems little darker, because of the reflection in the scanner.

Saint Catherine became an ardent Christian in her teenage years, after receiving a vision in which the Blessed Virgin Mary gave her to Christ in mystical marriage. She was a brilliant woman and tried convince the Emperor Maxentius of the moral error in persecuting Christians for not worshipping idols. The Emperor arranged for the best pagan philosophers and orators to dispute with her, figuring that they would defeat her pro-Christian arguments.

Catherine won the debate and converted several of her opponents. Catherine was tortured and imprisoned. The torture failing coupled with the fact she was very beautiful,he tried to win her over by proposing marriage. She saint refused, declaring that her spouse was Jesus Christ.Frustrated the emperor condemned Catherine to death on the spiked breaking wheel, but this horrible instrument of torture was miraculously destroyed.

On November 25, Catherine was called to appear at the tribunal and was taken outside the city and beheaded..Her body was conveyed by two angels from Alexandria to Mount Sinai. There, it was discovered in the eighth century by an ascetic who lived in the vicinity.

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