St. Artemios icon (2)

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Orthodox icon of Saint Artemios, Artemis, Artemius, the Great Martyr of Antioch (2).

Commemorated October 20.

Holy Great Martyr Artemius of Antioch was a prominent military leader during the reigns of the emperor Constantine the Great and his son and successor Constantius. Artemios was charged with the responsibility of taking the relics of St. Andrew and St. Luke to Constantinople. Recognized as an able military leader, Artemios became the Governor and Ambassador of the Emperor in Egypt. He held these positions for a number of years and protected the Eastern region of the Empire. When Julian the Apostate came to the throne he tried to restore paganism became extremely antagonistic towards Christians, killing hundreds to them.

Artemios was sent to Antioch to defend the area from the invasion of the Persians. Being aware of Julian's persecutions of Christians in the area he publicly denounced Julian for his impiety. The enraged emperor had Artemios tortured and threw the Great Martyr Artemios into prison. Christ appeared to him in prison and told him He would protect him.The next day Julian ordered Saint Artemios to honor the pagan gods. After many bouts of torture the Great Martyr Artemius was beheaded. His relics were buried by Christians. After the death of St Artemius, his prophecy about Julian the Apostate's impending death came true.

St Artemius is invoked by those suffering from hernias.