George Icon (SP)

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Orthodox Icon of Saint George the Greatmartyr (SP).

Commemorated April 23.

Silver-plated icon of Saint George on a special paper, with decoration. Silver-plated icons are made with the latest and very specific technique. The icon is a copy of a hand painted icon and the background is silver 958.u00a0 NOTICE: The colors of the icons seems little darker, because of the reflection in the scanner. Saint George was a soldier in the roman army.u00a0By his late 20s, George was promoted to the rank of Tribunus and stationed as an imperial guard of the Emperor.u00a0In AD 302, Diocletian issued an edict that every Christian soldier in the army should be arrested and every other soldier should offer a sacrifice to the Roman gods. George refused to offer a sacrifice and declared he dod not do so because he was a Christian. George was a highly decorated officer and was respected by the other soldiers so he had great influence on them.u00a0The Emperor made many offers to change his mind, but George never accepted.u00a0After many varied tortures, George was beheaded before Nicomedia's city wall, on April 23, 303. More on the Life of Saint George

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