St. Phanourius Icon (SP)

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Orthodox Icon of Saint Phanourios, Fanourios  in Silver plated (SP).

Commemorated August 27.

Silver-plated icon of Saint Phanourios on a special paper, with decoration.Silver-plated icons are made with the latest and very specific technique. The icon is a copy of a hand painted icon and the background is silver 958.

NOTICE: The colors of the icons seems little darker, because of the reflection in the scanner.

A discovery by nomadic arabs uncovered an icon of this unheralded saint amid the ruins of an ancient church. It was found in a group of icons that were all in a state of decay with the exception of one. This icon was discarded by the Arabs, who failed to attach any importance to it. At a safe distance a group of monks were observing waiting patiently until the Arabs left the scene. When they had departed they rushed to reclaim this well preserved icon.  

On it they could see a clearly outlined face of a saint with what appeared to be fresh lettering that spelling out Phanourios On closer examination they fell down in awe at what they saw. Drawn about the saint were twelve distinct frames showing variuos forms of cruel torture that Phanourios endured. It had a realism that suggested the artist must have been witness to the atrocity. After years of research, scanning centuries of archives and questioning the leading authorities, they founf nothing. No more was known about Phanourios than the day on which his icon was discovered.

Phanourios, lost for centuries in the ruins of a church, became the patron saint of things lost. To this day his name is invoked when prayers are asked for the recovery of lost items.

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