Synaxis of the all the Holy Unmercenaries icon.

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Orthodox icon of all the Unmercemeries Saints of the Orthodox Church.

The Holy Unmerceneries Saints are: - Saints Kosmas and Damian of Asia Minor (Commemorated November 1st) - Saints Kosmas and Damian of Rome (Commemorated July 1st) - Saints Kosmas, Leondios, Anthimos and Eutropios of Arabia (Commemorated October 17th) - Saints Cyrus or Kyros and John (Commemorated January 31st) - Saint Tryphon (Commemorated February 1st) - Saint Julianos (Commemorated Febryary 6th) - Saint Mikios (Commemorated May 11th) - Saint Thallaleos (Commemorated May 20th) - Saint Sampson the Innkeeper (Commemorated June 27th) - Saint Ermolaos (Commemorated July 27th) - Saint Panteleimon the Great Martyr (Commemorated July 27th) - Saints Anikitos and Photios (Commemorated August 12th) - Saint Diomedis (Commemorated August 16th) 

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