St. Polychronios, the Priest- Martyr

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Orthodox icon of Saint Polychronios, Polychronis the Priest- Martyr

Commemorated October 7th

The Holy Martyr Polychronios the Presbyter – was the son of a landowner. He was raised with a love for work and in Christian piety. Reaching maturity, Polychronios left his parental home for Constantinople and began to work for one of the rich vineyard owners. The vineyard owner was amazed at the love for toil and the ascetic life of the youth. For his fine work the saint received much money, with which he built a church. Soon he was ordained to the dignity of presbyter. According to tradition, Saint Polychronios participated in the acts of the First OEcumenical Council. He was murdered by heretics (Arians) at the altar of the church (IV Century).

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