St. Anna Icon (3)

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Orthodox icon of Saint Anna, the Mother of Theotokos.(3). Contemporary icon.

Commemorated on July 25 and December 9.

Protector Saint of : Childbirth

Saint Anna is the Mother of Mary, the Mother of God Anna had been married for fifty years and was childless. She and Joachim lived a very pious life.They went to Jerusalem to offer sacrifice to God. The High Priest, Issachar, scolded Joachim telling him, "You are not worthy to offer sacrifice with those childless hands." They left Jerusalem saddened.

Then the two of them prayer to God asking Him to work in them the wonder that He had worked in Abraham and Sarah, and give them a child to comfort their old age. Saint Joachim took his flocks and went to a high mountain. Meanwhile, St. Anna prayed in her garden. God sent the Archangel Gabriel to each of them telling them that they would conceive and give birth to "a daughter most blessed, whom all the nations of the earth will call blessed, and through her will come the salvation of the world." They both promised to have their child raised in the Temple as a holy vessel of God.

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